Saturday, 1 March 2014

Prepare for Learning Success

Skills, Habits and Behaviors (click)
                Is IQ enough ?

While IQ is important there are a host of other intellectual and non-intellectual abilities that underpin a successful learning effort. (In fact IQ is not the best predictor of future success but more on this later).

As an overview, let's take a brief look at those areas that play an important role in your learning achievement. (I will go into more detailed explanations later - once I complete my general introductions to the topic)

       Learning success involves four critical areas

  • The "Whole Person" - acquiring skills, habits and behaviours (both physical and mental)
  • The "Whole Learning Environment" - home, school, university, parents, teachers, lecturers, peers, mentors. All providing support and helping to build a "culture of learning".
  • Skill Sets - mental skills (concentration, memory, listening, observing, problem solving etc.), classroom skills (lesson preparation, questioning, note taking, reading, communication, working in groups etc.), study skills (summarizing, revision, self-testing, learning journal, practice exam questions, sleep and relaxation etc.), handling stress, time management, organizational skills, learning buddy, study groups, learning resources (general and topic specific), a learning "toolkit" and so on. All these  helping you be learning ready !
  • A "Worldview" - Who am I ? Where am I headed ? What future role ? Where do I fit in ? Why do they do that ? - developing maturity and and gaining wisdom. Helping you feel more confident, belief in your ability,  more understanding, better decision making, choosing friends, working relationships, knowing where you are headed and so on.
Your Mental Performance Pyramid

Over time I will talk about many of these things.

Acquiring these skills, habits and behaviors takes time and practice. (if only we had a magic wand !)

It's a step by step process - and best not rushed !

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