Sunday, 2 March 2014

Become a Professional Student

"On-task" time is not too many hours.
Too often have I seen students wasting their time in class. I am talking about the normal, well behaved student. Yes, their books are open but they are just cruising along treating it all a little too casually. (Those involved with sports training frequently too tired to work effectively.)

                 Hours are wasted

So many don't fully concentrate. They usually say "I'll do it tonight" (and most do). But ... I say that hours are being wasted. They are making the job harder for themselves particularly if they fall behind a bit in the work.

Playing catchup is not an easy task. The amount of work may seem daunting. It is often rushed and not fully understood. Connections are not made. Problem solving will be harder. Exam results will not be as good. Often disappointment follows. Wrong beliefs are formed.

            Think of yourself as a professional student

Use your time effectively (click)
I say. Think of yourself as a professional student. Just like a doctor, nurse, or engineer. You are "learning ready" - pre-class reading done, some questions in mind, resources at the fingertips. When you enter that classroom you are "on the job".

And let's face it. The "on task" time of the school day is not that long. Use this time effectively so it's actually easier at night. More time available then for you to do other things (even that small part-time job !)

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