Friday, 28 February 2014

Skills, Habits and Behaviours for Learning

 Become a better student

I draw you attention to On Preparing the Student Mind (below).

This YouTube video (32min. Prezi) gives you a brief, flying overview of the essential skills, habits and behaviors necessary to develop if you wish to become a more successful student (regardless of ability).

No need to view it all at once. I would suggest to watch Part 1 now (approx 12 mins.)
and then Part 2 on another occasion.

Brief note

When making this presentation for YouTube I was rather unwell - in fact, shortly afterwards, I spent nine days in hospital. All OK now !

So I know I may sound somewhat "tired" speaking in the presentation but if you bear with me there are many good tips for you. I will probably redo the YouTube "one day" and add a few extras !

The YouTube has two parts:

Part 1. Covers most skills for students and a few handy learning and study tips.

Part 2. is about gaining a better worldview and an understanding of yourself and others. This aims to help you become a better decision maker, resist being lead by others and gain good self-discipline. 

"I know who I am, where I fit in, that I am needed and I know what I want"

Well do you ? 

Part 2 - Exploring the Inner Mind to the Outer Limits !

Gaining a better awareness, outlook and balance through considering :

  • A Sense of Perspective; [Outer Limits] Looking at where we fit in on the grand scale of things - size, distance, time and our place. We are just a life-form on our tiny planet. Mysterious, wonderful but insignificant in the big picture.
  •  A Sense of Place: [Nothing really changes] A Thought Experiment. Human activity over time. Designed to increase awareness of society, patterns of living and rituals - from generation to generation.
  • Meaning and Purpose: [The Big Questions.] Where do I fit in ? What role will I play ? What is important ? Do I matter ? Does the world need me ? Is there a future for me ?
  • Self and Others: [Getting along] Self, personalities and relationships.
  • Inner Self: [Inner Mind] Self-examination. Partiality,  biases, temptations, distractions - barriers to learning.
How  do these thoughts, awareness, self-examination and experiences help me ?

 Well .. as an uncertain student trying to "gain traction" this mental exploration should help your overall learning effort and determination by:

  • Developing a better Worldview
  • Building motivation
  • Increase understanding
  • Greater interest and curiosity
  • Better sense of direction
  • Boost you study effort
  • Achieve better results
  • Enjoy more stable friendships

Now you may feel more confident to say ...

"I know who I am, where I fit in, that I am needed and I know what I want"
I hope that you find something helpful in this YouTube video !
(A Prezi presentation)

       The is no magic wand !!

Observe, think and practice - and so over time you should become a stronger, more independent and balanced learner and member of society.

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