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Beliefs are very powerful things !

Beliefs can affect behaviour (click to enlarge)
They may arise directly or indirectly. They may arise consciously or unconsciously. They can hold you back or propel you forwards.

Beliefs are simply brain circuits and the good news is that you can rewire these belief circuits if you want.

 Wrong beliefs can stop you learning.

                  Wrong beliefs can stop you learning !

Beliefs can kill or cure !
You may believe that you are not good at something (eg. maths, reading, writing etc.) so you avoid these things or you only make a halfhearted effort to try and learn.

After all I know I'm not good because years ago a teacher said so .. or my mum was never good at it .. or I got poor marks once .. and so on, and so on.

A poor exam result reflects your negative beliefs. But there can be many reasons that these wrong beliefs come about. And guess what ? It's nothing to do with you !!

You can do it !
Many of these negative beliefs probably arose years ago. You've lived with them ever since. Many date back to your early school days when you were a different person - in a different learning environment.

During this early stage the brain has not fully developed. In fact girls tend to develop reading and writing skills earlier than boys. While boys tends to be better at maths. A girl's visual-spatial skills develop later than boys do.

                  Fears lead to mental paralysis !

Wrong beliefs stop learning !
There are so many ways that negative beliefs arise. Beliefs give rise to fears. Fear lead to avoidance. All resulting in your having little interest in the topic that you must learn !!

Have a little think about this.
Perhaps a wrong belief is stopping your learning
I say ... you should try again !!

                                 Give it another go !

Give it another go !

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