Student Tips

Help yourself become a better achiever

I've gathered together here a selection of previous posts. These will be of benefit for parents, teachers as well as students. They offer guidelines that will help boost achievement and performance.

Seven tips to student success

1. Learning new skills. It is important to realize that studying effectively is a skill. Listening in class is a skill. Thinking and memory are skills. Skills can be improved.

Skill Acquisition

2. Often students have a mistaken belief that they are no good at certain subjects. This often leads to lack of confidence and fears of failure. Examine the possible causes of mental barriers that stop your learning effort.

Mental Barriers to Learning

3. Prepare for the school year ahead. Steps that will greatly benefit your achievement and performance are listed. Pay careful attention. They will help you.

What Successful Students Do

4. Learn how to learn more effectively. Bring your subject content to life. This is the secret of learning success.

Visualization, Imagination and Learning

5. Learn how to get the best out of each lesson. Good classroom skills can save you much time at home.

Key Habits for the Classroom

 6. The importance of developing good concentration skills. Poor concentration results in poor learning and performance. Poor concentration also wastes many hours of your precious time.

Concentration is a key Mind Skill

7. Beliefs. Beliefs are powerful things. They can stop you in your tracks before your learning even starts. What can be done?


Students. I know the above information will help improve your learning performance enormously. You must be the person to decide to improve your student skills. This decision may change the course of your life. If you want to ask me a question then see Contact for my email address.


 Summary of skills, habits and behaviors for learning success

The past five (5) part series on Gaining Perspective has been designed to encourage students to reflect upon a number of non-academic areas that play an important part in their learning success. Life issues can impact greatly on a student's mental outlook, motivation and performance.

It is vitally important to build a platform of understanding of self and others as well as an appreciation of the world and Universe we live in. This provides a solid rock foundation for the student to stand upon and take on the challenges of school and learning. It also greatly increases motivation and goal directed thinking. At the end of the day, and with further reflection, the student should become a calmer and more focused learner.

 How can these non-academic thoughts, reflections, awareness and experiences help?

There is no magic wand. Our mental outlook will not change overnight. But if the student works on it then over time they should ...

> Construct a better Worldview
> Become highly motivated learners
> Better understand their own thinking
> Form stronger and lasting friendships
> Generate a greater interest and curosity
> Boost study efforts
> Achieve improved results

These five non-academic areas are just as important as the academic skills.

Summary of all skills that contribute to learning success. Lifelong learning success.

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Good luck students!