Friday, 28 February 2014

Skills, Habits and Behaviours for Learning

 Become a better student

I draw you attention to On Preparing the Student Mind (below).

This YouTube video (32min. Prezi) gives you a brief, flying overview of the essential skills, habits and behaviors necessary to develop if you wish to become a more successful student (regardless of ability).

No need to view it all at once. I would suggest to watch Part 1 now (approx 12 mins.)
and then Part 2 on another occasion.

Homework is important

Mike Raven answers your question.

Homework is important. From the earlier years of schooling to the end of high school (Year 12) the homework load should steadily increase to a minimum of 2 hours each week night. Relaxation or downtime is important as well as sporting pursuits (but not to the detriment of academic performance). Whenever possible parents should provide a variety of experiences to enrich the worldview.

I will talk more about these things in future posts.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Helping to improve your learning skills

Welcome ! This is my first ever blog. Just discovering the ways to use it effectively.

As I've taught many courses to students of all ages - helping them become more successful and lifelong learners - I thought I would share some of my knowledge and experience with you.

Meanwhile while I prepare my blog ..... I can still help you, even at this early stage, by answering any questions that you may have on your learning.

Please feel free to ask ! 
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