Friday, 12 May 2017

Gaining Perspective - A Five Part Series On Non-Academic Areas of Student Life

Over the coming few weeks I will be post a five (5) part series exploring some of the non-academic areas that can impact on student achievement. This series is designed to increase student awareness and appreciation of their place in the only world we humans occupy as well as encouraging self-reflection on self and their relationship with others. I shall discuss the observed habits, behaviors and cycles of human existence from one generation to the next. The purpose is to help promote a sense of belonging and meaning.

 The importance of non-academic factors

Students mostly have a narrow sense of perspective. They lack a broader vision of the bigger picture of our existence. Most live a life unexamined. Their daily lives are largely controlled and organized for them by their parents and teachers.

Their worldview is poorly developed and often students cannot see beyond tomorrow. They have no clear idea of goals to strive towards or little vision of the future world that awaits them. They do not think about the role they will play in our increasingly complex society. They underestimate their value to our culture and its continued orderly functioning.

Those who give little thought of where they will "fit-in" lack meaning and purpose in their lives. In fact some may even fear the future that awaits them.

We find so many just drifting along with little or no motivation or goals, and holding poor understanding of themselves and others.

I hope to help relieve some of these fears, uncertainties and doubts over the coming five part series of blogs. I hope to increase student sense of place, self and others. I hope to help them build a solid rock from which they can stand on and see a future for themselves. A future with meaning and purpose. A future to strive towards.

Our journey shall take us from the external world we live in down to the inner mind that drives us all!