Friday, 19 May 2017

Gaining Perspective (Part 3) - Meaning and Purpose

You may sometimes ponder

Is there any meaning to life?
Does life have a purpose at all?
Why are we here?
How can I find meaning?
What purpose if it ends in death?

These are the big questions. They have been debated for centuries in philosophy, science and religion. They will continued to be debated for centuries to come.


Perhaps you have never given thought to the big questions at this early stage in your life. Being so young and so absorbed in the busy world of your youth that the time to reflect is yet to come for you.

Nevertheless, there is no harm to pausing and reflecting at this moment. It may help clarify you ambitions and goals.

My thoughts

Life is what you make it. Your decisions and choices largely determine the road that you will take. Finding some meaning and purpose earlier on in life may help guide you towards you destiny.

Some life experience may provide a meaning and purpose which then shapes the direction your life takes.

For example, you may want to study medicine after a family member died from an illness. You have a purpose to motivate you and to drive you towards your goals. You now know what you want to do. You have found a meaning and purpose. It's a worthy contribution to care and treat unwell fellow humans.

Others will find meaning, motivation and purpose in an almost unlimited range of human endeavors. Once you discover a reason "to get you out of bed every morning" you will find direction in your life and with that a feeling of contentment and happiness. Yes, I know life has its ups and downs but on the whole you will live a more satisfying and fulfilling existence.

Students. The wonderful thing is that we all have free will. This gives us the freedom to choose. To make life choices. To seek out all available pathways and direction. In other words we can explore, discover and find meaning and motivation.

Our freedom is bound by the physical and biological constraints of our human existence. Other limits to our freedom include culture, health status, law and societal norms. Despite these limitations to our total freedom we are still free to seek out a meaning and purpose for our human existence. The world can be your oyster!

Stages of Life

Across the various stages of life you may find slight shifts in your meaning and purpose. After careers and families have been established your attention may include other interests. Perhaps a member of a community organization or a sporting club. You might become a volunteer firefighter involved in protecting your local community.

Later in life, as Grandparents, you may spend time providing a range of diverse experiences and travel for your grandchildren. Helping them find their feet in life.

Take the time to reflect

Students. It is important that you reflect on the big questions. This will help you see the pathway ahead and provide motivation to work towards your dreams and find success!

Free Will and Courage to Choose