Saturday, 10 March 2018

Parents: Do you know how to build a learning culture at home?

 How are you promoting a culture of learning at home?

The home environment can directly affect the child's cognitive development as well as the school performance. What you do for them at home in the early years does impact on your childs later life. Your efforts can help launch you child into a better job earning a higher salary. A better lifestyle shall then surely follow. Better home, different friendship groups and interesting holidays and travel.

In this blog today I am asking parents to have a think about what they can do to establish a learning environment at home. What can you do to help build a culture of learning in your household?

Teachers who are not parents are also welcome to sit down and have a think on this. One day you may be asked by a parent to help them help their child, your student. In addition, you may find opportunity in class to discuss with your students how them can help themselves become better learners and achievers.

Email me your ideas (see above for Contact).

In a little while I will discuss your ideas and post my own suggestions.

So, have a think and even discuss ideas as a family group.
You may be surprised by the responses.