Tuesday, 12 December 2017

How To Change Your Study Habits

Is it hard to change my study habits? 

How long will it take to change?

What are the steps to habit change?

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Steps involved in habit change .. 

1. Recognise your need to change
2. Make the decision to change
3. Collect information on study habits (and involve others)
4. Make a plan on how to improve your study habits
5. Start on the plan
6. Monitor you progress
7. Keep a diary
8. Seek feedback
9. Stick with the plan

Please remember

It is important to PRACTICE all the time ... 
In the begginning this takes CONSCIOUS MENTAL EFFORT ..
With more practice it will become less effortful

After a while (usually 4 weeks or so) your NEW HABITS will become AUTOMATIC

So ... can you see?

Habit change is mostly a LEARNED behaviour .. 
Starts with conscious effort and then becomes an automatic habit ..

 It's important to stick to your plan!

There can be ups and downs along the way ... it's natural .. as one masters the new skill

The problem is many people initially have good intentions .. but never start the plan .. or drop out of the plan (that's why monitor, diary, feedback all helps one to stay on track)

The other important factor is the making of little excuses or reasons to "give it a miss today" or "wait a bit" ... that's the start of the slippery slope .. to failure and dropout .. motivation begins to evaporate

Each time you tell yourself the little excuse the easier it becomes to make excuses next time.

So you see the steps /stages playing out here? .. starting fired up and motivated then sliding through excuses (and guilt feelings) .. and finally giving up .. telling yourself that that was never for me ... I was stupid to think I could change .... that's full self-deception (The Plan has crashed and burned)

As an incentive the can be little rewards for milestones along the way (eg, My learning efficiency must be getting better ... today I scored full marks on my class test!)

So ... beware that naughty little inner voice (singing the Siren Song) and trying to lure you off track.