Friday, 16 May 2014

Mental Barriers to Learning

Mental Paralysis

Our own minds can hold us back without us knowing it.

Sometimes the cause may be immediate or it may be the result of experiences years earlier. Mental baggage that you have carried for years, believing it to be true.

Students often shy away from certain tasks under the misapprehension that they are not good at doing that. A mistaken belief that may change their future career path.

What are some possible causes ?

Performance Stoppers

  • Your wrong beliefs
  • You lack of confidence
  • Other people's words
  • Fears

All firmly hardwired into your brain circuitry. The mental shutters ready to drop down when the belief is triggered.

Thinking wavers, concentration fades and the learning machinery grinds to a halt !

Blocking you own thinking

 Ever had any of these thoughts ?

Do you know somebody that behaves like this ?


 Try to notice these thoughts and behaviors.

Others block your thinking

  Ever experienced this ?

When your fears hold you back

Sometimes you may not recognize these fears !

Emotions that come into play.

Other mental barriers

Break down the barriers !


Everybody has little fears and beliefs.

What are yours ?

What's stopping your learning ?

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