Saturday, 5 April 2014

Deeper Thinking and Reasoning

Thinking and Reasoning Practice

  • Task. Consider these two well know expressions:

Steak on the plate while you wait or pie in the sky when you die ?

Work hard without reward in this life, for your rewards shall be given in the next life !

Reflect on these statements.

Lost in deep thought !
First, consider each one individually and reflect on it for while. Then perhaps jot down your thoughts. As a guide for you only (no right or wrong here) ask yourself a few questions such as : How do you interpret the meaning of each expression ? What implied message, if any, do you think they convey ? Who do you think would use such expressions ? Why do you think these expressions came about ? When do you think they arose ? Do you agree with the messages ? Why or why not ? How well do you think people regard the messages today ? And so on ..

 Secondly, Compare and contrast the expressions (again there are no right and wrong here). For example; Do the expressions complement or oppose each other or neither ? What would someone who identifies with one expression say about the other ?

Now consider them for various points of view (eg. philosophical, political, religious, corporate, cultural, military, societal). How could their interpretations differ ? Explain why you think their interpretations may change over time ? What arguments could be made for supporting (and opposing) one expression over the other from some of these different standpoints ?

From time to time practice a little in-depth thinking and reflection. Helps you to explore for deeper meanings which may lead to better understanding ! Surely that must be a good thing for you ... ?

Or is it ?
(think about that)

Over to you now ....

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